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Moving Tips from A-Z


Moving is exciting! Whether you are relocating for school, a new job, or just a fresh start, beginning a new chapter of life comes with a lot of challenges.

When it finally comes time to pack up your life and transport it down the road (or across the country), where do you start? We’ve put together a series of tips — from A to Z — to help you beat the stress of moving.

Moving Tips from A-Z

Address – Don’t forget to update your address! It may even be a good idea to have your mail forwarded a week or two before you move.

Boxes – Get a variety of boxes; you never know how many you will need! Also, remember this golden rule: the heavier the items, the smaller the box. That way, transporting is much easier. You can find boxes at a local recycling center, grocery store, or buy them at the store. Pro tip: use boxes with handles!

Clothes – For hanging clothes, gather a section together and cover them with garbage bags. This will make moving them easy plus provide protection from weather, spills, or sharp objects during the transport. Also consider vacuum seal bags to save space. We sell ‘wardrobe boxes’ that have a pole across the top of the box to hang your clothes in .

Donate – Take a good look at all of your belongings and be honest with yourself – you have things that you don’t really need so donate them! Whether it’s old clothes, dishes, or furniture, minimize the number of things you have to move and give to a good cause in the process. We also provide a consignment option and auction option you inquire about.

Extra padding – Use extra padding on your most fragile items. Instead of bubble wrap and packing peanuts, use environmentally friendly options like newspaper. You can even use some clothing, socks or towels to give some extra cushion during the move.

Food – Make your last grocery run a week before moving and keep it very minimal. Avoid perishable items because they are difficult to transport and you don’t want to waste your money by throwing away uneaten food.

Greyhound – Did you know you can ship boxes via Greyhound bus? It takes a few days but if you don’t mind the wait, it is one of the cheapest options for moving boxes.

Hire friends – Bring in your friends! Have them help with packing and loading to make the process go much quicker. Give them first dibs on any items you may be leaving behind as a nice thank you.

Inspect – After you have everything packed up and ready to move, do one last inspection to make sure you didn’t leave anything small behind. (Closets, cabinets, etc.)

Jewelry – Thread your necklaces through straws to keep them from getting tangled during the move. You can also use saran wrap to keep jewelry in place during the transport.

Kids – Make sure your kids are well taken care of during the whole process. For younger children, consider a sitter to watch over them while you pack. For older kids, get them involved! Have them label or color code your boxes for a bit of fun.

Labels – Use labels on your boxes so that you know what is in them and the room in which they belong. This will be exponentially helpful for movers and for you so you know exactly what is in the box before looking.

Moving Company – Always consider hiring a moving company to help with all of the heavy lifting and transportation. Packing is difficult, but loading your belongings into vehicles and driving to your final destination can be super stressful. Additionally, once you get to your new place, you won’t have to worry about bringing the boxes inside either. Most importantly we are trained in carrying difficult pieces and navigating them around corners and up and down tight staircases without damage to property.

Nail holes – If you are renting, you may get charged for holes in the wall. For a nice quick fix, use soap or toothpaste to fill nail holes.

Overnight bag – Pack an overnight bag full of all the essentials so that you have them on hand while you are moving. This is especially useful for long distance moves but can also be helpful for the first few nights in the new place.

Pets – Try to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible to keep them from getting too stressed. Give them extra treats or play time to burn off anxious energies from the change in surroundings. If possible, setting aside a small room or space at your new destination and settling them in there with their favorite toy and bed before the moving starts is a real stress reducer and helps in acclimating pets to a new home and you can always populate that room after moving is done with your belongings.

Quotes – If you are using a moving company, weigh your options! Call around and get plenty of quotes but be sure to compare the services that are included. Get a Certificate of Insure as well!

Repurpose – You can use your baskets, hampers and suitcases to pack belongings instead of boxes. This can save space by using items you would move anyway plus many of these items have handles and wheels. How’s that for easy transportation!

Sell – You probably have several nice items that you can sell. Moving can get costly, so extra cash would definitely come in handy. Try craigslist, Ebay, or social media platforms. A to Z also offers consignment for purchase and for Auctions as well, inquire when you call!

Tape – Use plenty of strong tape when packing boxes. Be sure to secure all the seams so that you don’t have any accidents or broken valuables.

Unloading & Unpacking – Hopefully you properly labeled your boxes when packing so now as you bring boxes into your new home you can take each container to the room where it belongs. Once you have everything inside, unpack one room at a time.

Valuables – Make sure to use extra, extra padding for breakable items and keep important documents on you during the move.

Work out the details – Have a game plan ready for moving day. Know the directions, where you will park the moving truck, and have phone numbers ready in case of emergency. Take the stress out of the unknown by being ready for it.

X – Make a list of things to pack and cross them off as you go! This will keep you from forgetting anything important and can also help you stay organized.

Yelp – When using movers, utilize review sites like Yelp or Google to see other customer experiences. These are some of your strongest resources when trying to find a reliable company.

Ziploc bags – Use ziploc/sandwich bags to transport small items that are easy to lose, like jewelry, nails/screws, batteries, or other hardware. And of course, for snacks during the move!