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Your Local Movers in Western MA


At A to Z Moving and Storage, Inc. we believe that “Happy Feet Move Faster”. We truly love what we do, and the feeling of seeing our clients live worry-free after a move is one like no other. We are among the best local moving companies in Western Massachusetts. Founded in 1985, we’ve been around the block quite a few times so you can trust that the experts on our team will get the job done right the first time. We Are People People! We Guarantee Experience, Careful Attention, and Follow Through. From Estimates to Packing to Moving, Start to Finish, A to Z!


Before we start the moving, here's a list of what's important

Make a budget list and a moving list. The budget list will help you understand the overall
costs of your move and transition so that there are no big financial surprises during the course of your move. The moving list will be helpful to both you and the moving company. Having a pre-planned list will help expedite the estimating process for the moving company. The moving list will also help you when figuring out where the new furniture or contents will go in your new home.

Declutter your contents before your big move. Having a yard sale, estate sale, or an
auction/consignment company helps de-clutter unwanted items before the move. It is always best to declutter well before your move so that unwanted items are not accidentally moved to your new home. Also, consider donating to help those in need.

Plan your move as early as possible. Due to labor shortages and fewer truck drivers, moving companies, in general, are taking on less work than they may have five years ago. When you are planning to move there also may be a lot of people moving at the same time and you may lose a chance to reserve a moving company. Also, consider planning even further in advance if your move is during the peak moving season {April -September).

Send out notices before your move. This involves all of your bills, your bank, credit card
companies, cell phone companies, and so on. It is always best to do this before your move so that you do not accidentally forget to notify during the course or post-move.

Or, items that you are planning to move yourself. Such items include car keys, paperwork/important documents, medicine, and so on. When the moving company arrives to begin your move, normally they will do a walkthrough before the move begins. This is an ideal opportunity to point out the items that you do not want the moving company to move. Also point out items that are staying with the home such as building supplies, appliances, extra windows and doors, and so on.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of hiring a professional moving company. Do you have capable family members and/or friends to help you move entirely? Do you have a flexible enough time frame where friends and family can help you get the move done within your time frame? How dangerous could it be for your friends or family to move your really heavy pieces of furniture – could they accidentally hurt themselves or your property? Maybe there is a common ground place where friends and family can help with the smaller items and the moving company can handle all of the bigger pieces. How valuable are the contents that you need to be moved?

Our Moving Services Include

Residential & Commercial Moves
Local and Long Distance
  • Whether you’re moving across the street or across town, our team of qualified professionals at A to Z Moving and Storage, Inc is here to help. Local moves are our specialty; we’ll give you the resources you deserve. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail no matter how small or short your move is. We have a fleet of trucks and multiple crew members that can handle any job, regardless of how long it may take us. We treat your belongings as if they were our own, we’ll pack and handle them with the utmost care to put your mind at ease during your move. The hardest part of a long-distance move is always making sure your whole life is packed away as well as all the heavy lifting. Let us do it for you! Contact us today for a Free Quote Estimate.
Office Moving
  • Relocating your business? Our team can provide you with customized full-service commercial moves and relocation services. Whether you’re moving one office or the entire corporation, we’ll track your business’s belongings in an orderly fashion to ensure everything is in its place prior to the move. We can even move you up or down floors within the corporation! Our movers are trained and experienced to handle any sort of office relocation project. The overall goal for an office move is to have your corporation back to your routine functionality as soon as we can.
Specialized Moving
  • Specialized moves typically mean that we are transporting materials that may not be seen on a regular basis. This includes historic artifacts or sculptures, prized paintings, uniquely shaped furniture, personalized equipment or medical equipment, computer or hardware setups, or any kind of heavy machining. Items that should be handled with high-end delicate care or extra packing attention are all things that we ensure you’ll receive when you trust us to handle your most beloved possessions. Our team members and reputation speak for themselves.