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common red flags
Common Red Flags and Potential Scams

A ton of amazing reviews that are either very shortly described or there is no description at all. Sometimes reviews will be falsified by companies to help attract more business. It is always recommended to check independent sites such as the BBB for reviews. Also when vetting a moving company, really try and find and search for bad reviews, potential scams, or other information that is hard to find.

A Deposit amount higher than 20% of the total estimated costs of the move is something that you should always question, as the max most moving companies charge is 20% of the total trip.

Often times the salesperson will tell you they can guarantee the lowest price or they can beat any other moving company’s price. This is a major red flag and often times when a company’s price is much, much lower than the other quotes -there is something that this company is not going to give you that the other companies will. The question is what are they not going to give you that the other movers’ price includes?

Long-distance moves are normally calculated by the estimated weight and distance being traveled. In some cases, movers will estimate cubic feet taken up on a truck. In most states, it is actually illegal for movers to charge by the cubic foot. Check your state regulations if you receive an estimate based on cubic feet.

Not all moving brokers are bad, some of them are actually rather good. However, the majority of moving brokers are not good and give the industry a bad name with certain shady tactics. If you decide to use a broker, know in advance that your move will cost more than going with a moving company. Also, vet a moving broker very carefully and fully if you decide to take this route.

It is a major red flag if you are unable to find a company phone
number, physical address, company email, or insurance information. Make sure that the
moving company you contract with has legitimate contact information.

A major red flag is not receiving a written estimate with all of the charges involved with a move. Often times moving scammers will give a significantly lower price and
once your contents are loaded on the moving truck their estimate may increase 100 – 200%. Be very weary and cautious without a written estimate.

Such charges may include: Stair charges, heavy item charges, disassembly and reassembly fees, and so on. Most reputable movers will have an hourly labor rate or will flat rate a move depending on the distance.